Best Funny Selfie Captions

Best Funny Selfie Captions: Selfie is today's trend and Captions make Selfies more cool and Awesome. So we have collected Best Funny Selfie Captions, Funny Selfie Captions, Best and Funny Selfie Captions, Funny Selfie Captions for Facebook, Funny Selfie Captions for Instagram and so on. Hope you like this collection of Funny Selfie Captions.


Best Funny Selfie Captions

I need a six month holiday, twice a year.

Life is better when you’re laughing

Only 17, but she walks the streets so mean. It’s alarming, truly, how disarming she can be.

That’s the secret to life… replace one worry with another.

Does this selfie make me look fat?

Always remember you are completely unique just like everyone else.

If I was funny, I would have a good Instagram caption.

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.

I read the twilight books.

Proof that I can do selfies better than you. 

You’re never going to have me.

When a man is truly passionate about his woman, he will do whatever it takes to ensure her happiness with him.

The question isn’t can you, it’s will you?

I am who I am, your approval isn’t needed.

I don’t take selfies all the time, just every day.

Sending your selfies to NASA because you’re a star.

I changed all my passwords to Incorrect.

Girls look like without makeup.

You don’t have to like me, I’m not a Facebook status.

If you got eyes, look at me now.

Best Funny Selfie Captions

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